Graphic Recording For All It’s Worth

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The Drexel English and Philosophy Department had this cool mug made using a graphic recording done at their faculty retreat.

When a client hires a graphic recorder to add excitement, engagement and clarity to a speaking event or workshop, they’re getting more than just the recorder’s time onsite. For openers, following every session, graphic recorders typically send clients high-quality digital photos of the charts they’ve created, cleaned up with editing software to even out lighting, correct color and fix misspellings. The digital image can also contain information that wasn’t included when the original was created. There’s no additional charge for these images—they’re included in the package.

Your digital images can benefit your organization long after your event is over. Start by making them available to all participants as soon as possible, while the meeting is still fresh in their minds. They can also be used:

  • As illustrations for group emails or other inter-organizational communication.
  • On social media as publicity for the event or the organization
  • In presentations and Powerpoint slides
  • In marketing materials
  • As content for company websites
  • In newsletters, reports and white papers
  • Print them on posters for office display or in smaller versions on vinyl or glass as giveaways(we can suggest resources for this)
  • Print them, or parts of them, on mugs, mouse pads, or other promotional items

Taking full advantage of your digital images is an important way to maximize the value you get from graphic recording. Contact us now about adding some graphic recording value to your next event!