Graphic Recording

Looking for the “secret sauce” that makes speaking events exciting, workshops effective and trainings engaging?

Graphic recorders work in real time at speaking events, meetings and workshops, capturing key points with a combination of text and images. By capturing the essence of what's said with imagery and reflecting it back in a simple, clear style, graphic recording and facilitation helps people to understand complexity and to make better decisions.
It also:
  1. Creates a visual map of a conversation
  2. Connects data with emotion.
  3. Visually simplifies complex or abstract concepts.
  4. Aids memory and retention of stories, facts, and connections.
  5. Guides individuals and groups through a process.
  6. Adds an element of wonder and delight.

Graphic recording engages the whole brain

Research suggests that up to 60% of our brains are hard-wired to learn visually and 83% of people describe themselves as visual learners. Graphic facilitation uses more of our brain’s creative capacity during lectures, meetings, conferences, brainstorming, and strategy sessions.
By providing stimulating visuals, relevant storytelling, and large-scale charts, graphic facilitation connects your audience to your message — and each other.
The resulting images make perfect content for social media, blog posts, articles, and videos.

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Who uses graphic recording and facilitation?

Graphic recorders and facilitators are useful for anyone who wants to more fully engage an audience. Here's just a few places where they're effective:

  • Planning & Visioning Forums
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Scenario Planning Meetings
  • Change Management Projects
  • Marketing / Branding / Identity / Positioning Meetings
  • Mediation / Conflict Management Sessions
  • Large Group Conferences / Summits
  • Keynote Addresses / Special Presentations
  • Curriculum Design / Workshops
  • Focus Groups
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Dialogue Sessions
  • Individual Coaching Retreats &
  • "Your participation added an element of 'extra special' that none of us could have conjured on our own. Your graphic has been received like the best gift under the tree!"--Paula Schafer, FairDistrict PA