Illustrate Your Online Meeting

Graphic recording, Terry LaBan, Philadelphia area graphic recorder, Breakthrough Visuals, sketch notes, illustration, remote digital graphic recordingIf you’re holding your conference or meeting online because of the current health emergency, graphic recording makes more sense than ever. For participants stuck at home, live visuals are a wonderful way to enhance engagement and create excitement.

With a tablet and a WiFi connection, graphic recorders can work much as they do with markers on paper in a conference room, with participants watching on shared screens as the recordings are created. Keynote addresses, breakout sessions, workshops–anything graphic recording plays a part in onsite can be duplicated remotely.

Even when people don’t need to practice social distancing, there are many benefits to remote, digital graphic recording.

  • It can be done at any time, from anywhere 
  • The process can be recorded, creating a video to post along with the finished pieces.
  • There’s no cost for materials or travel expenses.
  • Keep what was discussed top of mind with a colorful, permanent takeaway. 

Live visuals make meetings more effective, wherever they take place.

Add graphic recording to your remote meeting today!