Life Coach and Therapist Presentation Set

Breakthrough Visuals, Life Coach and Therapist Presentation Pack, presentation images, Powerpoint images
Judging by the requests we get for custom work, there are a lot of life coaches and therapists who need images to enhance their slide decks and videos. So we’ve created a set of 10 presentation illustrations designed just for them. If you’re a healing professional who’s tired of spending hours searching for images, only to end up settling for stock photos and clip art you’ve already seen used by others, this set is for you!

All images are:

  • Royalty-free. After the purchase price there’s no additional charge to use them as often and however you like.
  • Come without captions–the ones above are only suggestions–so can be used a variety of contexts.
  • Are provided as both PDFs suitable for printing and JPEGs perfect for all things digital.

The price of this entire set is far less than what it would cost to commission just one image separately, so this is an incredible deal. Don’t wait until the last minute–act today!

Of course, we are always happy to create custom images as well. If you’re interested, get in touch!