Make Your “Meh” Presentation Marvelous


Powerpoint presentations, Power Point presentationsinfographics, graphic recording, Breakthrough Visuals, Terry LaBanIf you want your webinar or online course to stand out, you need to show your audience more than talking heads and title cards. Your information may be valuable, but without engaging visuals it’s hard to hold people’s attention. All too often, even when presenters do use images, they’re generic ones that don’t reinforce the points or Google-sourced clip art everyone’s seen before.

Lately, we’ve been hearing from more and more presenters looking to add engagement to their presentations with custom illustrations, graphics, and charts. With our unique skill set and deep understanding of visual storytelling, we can work closely with clients to turn their messages into warm, humorous images that audiences understand and remember—and make presenters seem more likable as well.

It often only takes a few great visuals to turn a presentation from “meh” to marvelous. And since clients own all rights to the images and can reuse them as they wish, a single visual may deliver years of value. Whether you’re doing a work demo or a TED talk, we want to help you charm your audience. Take a look at our work and get in touch!