The Illustrated Conference

Graphic recording, Terry LaBan, Philadelphia area graphic recorder, Breakthrough Visuals, sketch notes, illustrationEveryone loves illustrations. They add visual interest to books, articles and blog posts, creatively sum up content and attract reader’s attention. It’s true that most grown-up books don’t use them, but these days books are outliers. Look around and you’ll realize that it’s rare to find web content or magazine articles that don’t include images.

Graphic recording brings illustrations from the 2-dimensional page to the multi-dimensions of real life. A graphic recorder at your conference gives it the feel of an ongoing creative project in which everyone present is included. During each seminar or breakout session, attendees watch the recorder create a chart which reflects what’s happening in real time, increasing their understanding and engagement. As the day continues, completed charts begin to fill conference spaces, whether displayed on easels in the lobby or simply leaning against the  walls. They eventually form an immersive visual story of what’s taken place over the course of the day, illustrating it like a book.

Participants are often surprised by how real-time illustrations enhance their experience. Many describe a sense of awe and feel both inspired and grateful. At every conference I work at, attendees inevitably come up to thank me for my work and tell me, over and over again, that yes, it’s “so cool!”.


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