The Long Haul

Graphic recording, Terry LaBan, Philadelphia area graphic recorder, Breakthrough Visuals, sketch notes, illustrationWhen the shutdowns began in March it was impossible to believe that coronavirus would still keep us from going about our normal activities for more than a month or so. Surely by May, June at the latest, people would once again fill offices, restaurants, schools, sports stadiums and convention centers.

Now, on the threshold of autumn, we understand we’re in this new reality for the long haul. The novelty of remote meetings and class rooms has worn off and web apps have become almost everyone’s new office or classroom whether they’re suffering from Zoom fatigue or not.

That means companies will need to continue finding ways to keep remote employees engaged and onboard. One article I read recently mentioned custom workouts, Zoom Happy Hours, and cooking classes where the ingredients are shipped to the participants beforehand so they’re able to cook everything at the same time in their own kitchens. Not long after, I actually did graphic recording for one of these sessions myself!

At Breakthrough Visuals, interesting meetings are our business. We love helping clients find unique ways to keep their employees’ and customers’ attention, whether it be live graphic recording at a meeting, an illustrated infographic or a whiteboard video. It’s time to stop wondering whether or not you’ll be having your conference or meeting online this winter or spring, because you almost certainly will. Now IS the time to figure out how to keep the participants excited and receptive to your message. Give us a call!