Virtual Conferences: Avoiding Zexit

One advantage of online conferences is that they often include participants who wouldn't have been able to travel to a live event. On the other hand, when people spend time and money to gather in an actual place they also tend to stick around. Since participants can exit Zoom rooms with the click of a mouse, it's common for virtual conferences which start with hundreds of participants to lose half or more by the end. That's why it's more important than ever to give people reasons not to “Zexit”.
Adding live visuals to an online event ups engagement and makes content easier to understand. Watching a creative drawing take shape during a talk gives attendees another reason to stick around. When a conference is over, graphic recordings provide an extra takeaway that keeps what was said in mind while time-lapse videos of the creation process add sophisticated visual interest to posts. And those who do leave early find graphic recording to be a way to see what they missed and maybe a reason to stay longer next time.
Want to avoid Zexit?

Add graphic recording to your virtual event today!