Virtual Graphic Recording

Package includes time-lapse videos of the work being created

Now that so many conferences and meetings are moving online, graphic recording is more important than ever. For participants at home, surrounded by distractions, live visuals are a wonderful way to enhance engagement and create excitement.

Using a digital tablet and laptop, graphic recorders work just like they do with markers on paper in a conference room, sharing screens to allow participants see the recordings being created. Keynote addresses, breakout sessions, workshops--anything graphic recording plays a part in onsite can be duplicated remotely.

Even when people don't need to practice social distancing, there are many benefits to remote, digital graphic recording.

  • It can be done at any time, from anywhere.
  • The process can be recorded, creating a video to post.
  • There's no cost for materials or travel expenses.
  • Keep what was discussed top of mind with a colorful, permanent takeaway.