Visual Storytelling Workshops

These days, everyone's talking about visual thinking and storytelling-and no wonder! Visual communication facilitates listening, fosters creativity and makes communication easier between people from different backgrounds. It's used in business, education, in government and by individuals.

Anyone can learn visual storytelling, even if they have no drawing skills at all. That's because visual storytelling uses simple images and graphics that anyone can learn. In fact, people who don't think they can draw often find it these techniques easier to master than do trained artists!

Want to introduce your team to visual storytelling? Breakthrough Visuals offers visual communication workshops both live and virtually. Not only will participants learn useful skills--they'll also have fun.

Visual Workshops include:

  • How to arrange information on a page
  • Simple typography
  • Icons anyone can draw
  • Easy-to-depict metaphors and concepts

"I would take a course from Terry LaBan anytime! He was so engaging. Besides being a great cartoonist, his warm personality and tremendous sense of humor are his super powers." Leah Silverman, Design by Leah