Can I Get a Witness?

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Did you know that, according to quantum physics, merely witnessing an event changes it? When I heard this factoid in a documentary many years ago, it completely amazed me (and it’s still the only thing I actually understand about quantum physics). But you don’t need an advanced degree to experience the power of witnessing. Just hire a graphic recorder!

Because graphic recorders are rarely familiar with the issues their clients have gathered to discuss, they act as “outside eyes”, capturing key points without getting bogged down in insider acronyms and jargon. That gives participants a fresh perspective on what they’re trying to accomplish.

Many times clients whose topics of discussion were well outside my experience have told me that the points I captured provided unexpected clarity, and that my presence changed their event for the better. I don’t know how that works on a molecular level, but when it happens in a room where change is on the table, it’s magic.

Interested in experiencing the benefits of graphic witnessing at your next meeting or conference? Give us a call!

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