Comics and Cartoons

Your business blog or newsletter needs content that’s easy to understand, highly visual, and that readers want to share.

Cartoons and comics are perfect. They both entertain and connect emotionally with your audience, especially if they haven’t seen their unique interests depicted in cartoons before. With decades of experience in professional cartooning, we’re able to collaborate with a wide variety of clients to turn what’s funny about their businesses into quality comics and cartoons.

The cartoons on this page cannot be reused without permission. Free cartoons are available here.

Blog and Newsletter Cartoons

Add visual impact to your blog or newsletter! Single-panel cartoons are a welcome break from text-heavy posts and add a note of warmth and humor that both entertains your audience and humanizes your message. We create cartoons from concept to finished art on any schedule you’d like, whether it’s once a month or once a week. Interested? Let’s talk!

Comic Books

Tired of the usual brochures and hand-outs? Let us turn your message into a multi-page comic book! We do it all, from concept to final art, to create a compelling final product your target audience can’t resist reading. As giveaways, printed comics are a guaranteed hit at your next conference, and can add value for years on the web. Interested? Give us a call!

Case Study: Conference Comic Book for VHMA

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Comic Strips

Comic strips are great when you want your content to be part of a larger post or print article but need something richer than a single panel cartoon. Comic strips can appear on a schedule in your newsletter or be part of a limited, one-time project. They also give you the opportunity to feature regularly-appearing characters that extend your brand. Love the idea? Learn more!

Case Study: Comic strip series for Map R

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