I Robot

A year ago, most people had never heard of Chat GPT. Today, we can’t be sure anything we read was actually written by a human. A lot of folks, including Chat GPT’s creators, find that unsettling. Using AI to write emails is great, but no one wants to be replaced by an algorithm.

While AI is amazing, we don’t think robot graphic recorders will take our job any time soon. That’s because the value our work adds is exactly the creativity and human touch that can’t be generated digitally. The drawings a graphic recorder creates live at an event, or the ideas that come out of a brainstorming session for a video project, connect with an audience in a way that software churning out the synthesis of a million internet searches simply can’t.

Ironically, the more we live in a digital world, the more we crave human connection. We think our style of visual storytelling is the perfect antidote to technological overload. Want to know more? Give us a call!


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