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Transform Your Takeaways

Your top executives meet to strategize ways to improve how your organization works and meets future challenges. After a day of hard work they have a list of actions to take going forward. It’s a great effort—but will it result in real change? You can increase the odds of success by having a graphic recorder […]

Champions Retreat, November 30-December 2, 2022

B Corps, a nonprofit network of socially-responsible businesses, asked us to create an infographic charting the history of like-minded Philadelphia businesses.The poster-sized graphic was prominently displayed at the 2-day Champions Retreat conference in December at the Loews Hotel in downtown Philadelphia.B Corps had another, more unusual, request. They asked Breakthrough Visuals to set up in […]

What Lies Ahead

It’s January, time to dust off the crystal ball and see what the new year will bring. It’s murky at first, but soon shapes start to emerge. There are conferences that lack excitement. Meetings where participants keep looking at their phones. Important messages that aren’t getting attention. Slide presentations that could be much more interesting. […]

Copy of Home

Break through the noise with live graphic recording, illustrated infographics, whiteboard videos and more.Let’s Talk!It’s hard to get and keep people’s attention.But when important messages aren’t heard, time and money are wasted and problems remain unsolved.Most people are visual learners. Our brains naturally gravitate to visuals. That means visual messages are far more likely to […]

When Climate Change is Good

Have you ever been in a meeting where the emotional climate is chilly? Participants are distracted, disinterested, and reluctant to engage. Time is wasted and the issues at hand remain unresolved. But when you include a graphic recorder the room warms right up. People are surprised and delighted to see their conversations captured in visual […]